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What students are saying

I would not trade in my experiences with AIM-IT for anything its worth of my time. I met so many different people all around the web and was able to pick up concepts so quickly and easily.

Nupur Patel AIM-IT Student

Enrolling in AIM-IT has been the best decision I have made in a very long time.

Rajnish AIM-IT Student

As a lead designer, I work with 5+ designers, and my ability to connect with them was seriously upped by doing AIM-IT. I'd love to take part in your future courses also.

Vikash Tomar AIM-IT Student

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3D Animation
Avg Rating: 5 (26 reviews)

The cost of this course is phenomenal vis a vis to what I've learned and covered in just six weeks.

Web Development
Avg Rating: 4.8 (21 reviews)

This course made me stand in amrket after completion and best part is in Just 8 weeks where other were saying 6 months. Complete worth of money and time , i got real time working environment

Avg Rating: 4.0 (31 reviews)

I just joined them 1 month back and what i got as experience is great , worked on Angular and Node JS and it has given boost to my carrier by joing in 1 month only, my feedback is go for it!.

App Development
Avg Rating: 4.98 (60 reviews)

I got this opprtunity to get join them in short batch for IOS and the course structure i got made me confident in just 6 weeks to develop demo app and now i have started on my own. Very Good process and experienced trainer

Avg Rating: 5.0 (59 reviews)

I got correct timing and in just 6 weeks programme what they have taught me is worth of 6 month. Best UI/UX team they have here nwho worked on only international projects so get very good chance to work on direct client projects and also opprtunity to get hired. Good luck to AIM-IT team for their support

AIM-IT Success Stories

Each month, we interview one of our AIM-IT graduates and find out how they're getting on in their new career.

Manish singh

Manish journey into AIM-IT started out in customer service, and then freelance visual design. After joining and graduating from the first cohort of AIM-IT, he landed a position as Product Designer at Styker.

Radhika Goel

Radhika journey started with AIM-IT and after completion she able to amke it for 3D Artist with one big 3D animation firm HBI international.

Shruti Sinha

Shruti journey into AIM-IT started out as fresher, and then after completing Visual design course she went for freelance visual design and then she landed a position as designer Myntra.

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Students share their progress

Students love the 1-on-1 mentorship

I loved AIM-IT so much! It was extremely affordable- especially compared to the other options for design courses on the market! It allowed me to be flexible, the lessons were concise, and the projects were very well explained. My mentor was the best part! It was so valuable to be able to pick his brain about UI/UX.

Rahul Gupta AIM-IT Student

Chetan has been a brilliant mentor! Always gave constructive feedback and knowledge that enabled me to improve my skill and I have learned and taken so much from each of the mentor sessions. Top notch!

Rashmi singh AIM-IT Student

It is one of best affordable and innovative it training institute who provide all kind of mentor from course to placement and they have very high level infrastructure. I have done Angular JS from here and it was very much satisfactory and now i see that is very much boostup in my carrier. I suugest go for it if you are in Noida.

Riya Jain AIM-IT Student

My mentor at AIM-IT for Web developement was from IBM and what i got in 6 weeks is way better than other coaching has promised in 6 months, if you looking for web developer carrier its first choice in Noida.

Ajit Sahu AIM-IT Student

Hands-on projects help students excel

I am working at the magazine company which is called hello world. and yes i like AIM-IT because it has changed my life now and i would like to thanks all my dear & respected teachers because!

Raghav Saha AIM-IT Student

The projects were very good and international client and made me think like a web designer and the individual mentoring helped answer a lot of my questions about the industry and development process. Facult is best in market all highly experienced

Jitendra prasad AIM-IT Student

I believe that no one can teach Graphic Design like AIM-IT do, they are simply awesome both in terms of deep knowledge and the way they plan and deliver lecture right from prepress to postpress. Thank you GUYS!...

Praveen Thakur AIM-IT Student

I did my Advanced course in 3D Rendering & Animation and was offered a job by the placement cell of AIM-IT, much before the completion of my training period. I suggest AIM-IT as the perfect place for go to professional training.

Ankita Mishra AIM-IT Student

Quality course materials and assignments

AIM-IT is one of the best institute of Multimedia & Animation. I’m completely satisfied with faculty and management in AIM-IT. It was so valuable to be able to pick his brain about 3D Animation.

Neha sharma AIM-IT Student

AIM-IT has been an amazing experience. I am lucky to have my passion as my career, sketchinig and creativity alwayes lured me but profession as a designer. Top notch!

Sunny Pathak AIM-IT Student

"Experience in AIM-IT was very good for me because I got clear every basics point from AIM-IT family. Actually I was from BioTech Branch and having no knowledge of C, C++ but I want to be a .Net Developer.".

Manish Sharma AIM-IT Student

I found the assignments very stimulating and useful from the real life point of view.Great faculty at AIM-IT.

Rajesh Saha AIM-IT Student

Mentor Testimonials

I already put my work on Facebook, showing my initial and final website design. Very powerful difference! Mentor was too good!

Dharmendra AIM-IT Mentor

By mentoring at Aim-it, i saw improvement in my work too, as we always get very young talent with lot of queries and energy. This helps me as a mentor too.

Ramesh AIM-IT Mentor

I loved AIM-IT so much! It is best place to work and interact with student and course sturucture they have is totally suitable for industry, mentor was from IBM so it's best decision made.

Rahi Jain AIM-IT Student

Nites has been a brilliant mentor! Always gave constructive feedback that enabled me to refine and improve my submissions and I have learned and taken so much from each of the weekly sessions. Top in market!

Riya choudhary AIM-IT Student

Students appreciate the speed and intensity of study

Really excellent, with focus on fundamentals leading to real understanding of what’s going on and how to troubleshoot to explained. Coming from an instructor who has a truly deep understanding and the Industry experience to back up the course material and it's much suggested.

Dinesh Singh AIM-IT Student

This is the best institutes for creative peoples and creative minds which help to show out our inner or hiding artist that`s. This is the best on AIM-IT Animation & multimedia Thanks to all ( faculty & staff Member). Nice to be part of AIM-IT.

Ritesh Chouhan AIM-IT Student

Teaching procedure in AIM-IT is fantastic as they mainly focuses on practical implementation & knowledge.

Sudheer Sharma AIM-IT Student

AIM-IT is a good institute in Delhi/NCR. Faculty working here have good and vast knowledge and are always ready to help. I think, AIM-IT is the best and affordable in NCR. Top notch!

Namita sinha AIM-IT Student
Will be getting launced soon. Stay in touch :)