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Course Overview

Know how important rendering is, but don't know where to get started? In this 4-week course built for design 3D Designers, you'll:

  • Learn about the Introduction to Rendering, Mental ray, Camera Projections and Interior/Exterior Rendering
  • Gain familiarity with the tool of required (Autodesk Maya,3DS MAX ,Vray)
  • Enhance your skills & start building your resume with a series of new tool and projects
  • Work with your own expert mentor, and see how it works on reals workstation

You'll complete the course with a certificate of completion, a portfolio of new projects, and a strong knowledge about rendering technique.

Design 103 is made for you

The course is made for working professionals and Job Seeker. who can Spend about 5-10 hours per week on readings, projects, and mentor work.

  • Fresher

    Calling all freshers coming out from colleges and want to haev careerin design industry this is the best choice!.

  • Working professionals

    Improve your skillset with new tool and technique and get higly paid

  • Graduate

    Graduates Looking to move into design as a career? Great choice. This course will be foundational course offering to help you get the lay of the land and learn where to go next.

What our past students have said

"I was from BA and no background of design but after this course it make me available for Job in market and now i am working as Rendering Artsit with one Startup in Gurgaon."
Rajat Sinha 3D Artist

What you'll learn

Four weeks. 5-10hours/Week.
This course will help you learn how to effectively render 3D images in architecture, design and Media applications.

Week 1

Introduction to rendering

Introduction to Rendering Introduction to the User Interface for rendering process: Render View Basics Render Region Basics Use of anti-aliasing to Improve Render quality Batch Rendering Setting Renderable Cameras Use of Shader Networks 2D and 3D texture types The use of textures for projections Double sided shading Creating Bump maps The use of Displacement maps The use of Transparency Maps Interactive Photorealistic renders The use of Resolution gates Custom Rendering presets Layered Textures Layered shaders Volumetric Shaders Reflection and Refraction.

Week 2

Rendering Guidelines

Importance of Scene Scale and Light decay Importance of Object Normals The use of Final Gather maps The use of Render tokens Use of Object scale in Rendering Unified sampling Rendering Rendering issues troubleshooting Introduction to Mental ray Color space in 3D rendering Final Gather Global illumination.

Week 3

Advanced Mental ray

Lightmap nodes and SSS shaders Forward light scattering Back light scattering Diffuse Gamma curve and Scatter bias Altering caustic Color Attributes Mental ray dielectric material Final Gather accuracy Final gather attributes Final Gather trace depth.

Week 4

Camera Projections

Camera projection Basis, Interior Rendering, Exterior Rendering, The use of cut out maps..

Student work in this course

YStudents who will complete this course have the career options: Rendering Artist or Texturing Artist
Here are some past student work:

Pricing INR 20,000INR45,000 for Four Weeks Next course starts June 15th
  • 3 Projects
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 5 Skype Sessions
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Have questions? See our FAQ

  • Do I need to know Photoshop (or Sketch, or Illustrator) beforehand?

    No. This course is for complete rendering course, so we'll provide modules to help you get aware with tool in Autodesk Maya,3DS MAX,Vray, Autodesk BackBurner. You'll also practice that tool throughout the course as you work on the projects.

  • Will I learn Photography?

    Not in this course! In Design 103, you'll get familiar with design tools, learn about the principles of image rendering and enhance your own skills.

  • How is the course pacing?

    This course is built for busy professionals. Expect to spend about 5-10 hours per week between projects, readings, and mentor interaction.

  • I'm a student, do you offer discounts?

    Email us! info@aim-it.org

  • Do you offer any other discounts?

    Ask your employer to sponsor the course! We've seen plenty of employers happy to cover the course price because of how much you'll learn :)

  • Does a mentor get assigned to me or can I pick a mentor?

    We do our best to match mentors/students based on class, but if you have a request we can definitely try to make it happen!

  • What about the scheduling for the mentoring sessions? How flexible are they?

    They're very flexible — you schedule them yourself, based on your mentor's posted timeslots. You can also reach out to your mentor to figure out the best time that works.

Any other questions? Check out the Aim-IT Help Center.

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