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Course Overview

Know what exactly our HTML5/CSS3 course does. It is intended for all whether beginner or intermediate who wish to foster skills. This training program is integrated throughout to fortify learning and development competency practically.

  • You gain deep understanding of HTML5 & CSS3 and their essential concepts such as Semantic elements, building web forms, layouts, coding right markup, and more, by doing.
  • Ideal for both, who want to upgrade skill sets and who are newbie to this technology.
  • This training program involves some assignments to be completed by students on time. It’s to test how well are you doing and where improvements should be taken care of.
  • Working with an expert mentor who is assigned for you, you create a project and he would be strictly allowed to share written feedback on all your work. You can also have 4 Skype sessions with your mentor.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a portfolio to showcase further, and also a certificate of doing Industrial training on HTML5 & CSS3.

Choose Source (like Aim-IT) that’s right for you

Specialists offer training not just to make you aware of the technology, but they lead you through, how to write code, how to structure, and how to use it in the API development, mobile media and web pages.

  • Beginner

    Is development your dream job? No problem, you’re at right place to make your dreams come true. Each possible knowledge fundamental to advanced we transfer via our HTML5/CSS3 course that would definitely work to provide you a transparent edge on your peers during your job.

  • Team Lead / Product Manager

    Boost skills, and improve your team productivity by communication right with them. The professionals give you advanced hands-on and practical examples down the road after refreshing your basics of HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Web Desginer

    Switching technology could be a right option for you if not satisfied with existing career or find no scope in it. Pursue your career in HTML5/CSS3. We teach you everything what you needed- writing code to development stuff.

What our past students have said

"I was wondering what to do after my graduation. Somebody told me about AIM-IT html training course. That was one of the best descision i have taken in my life. I am currently working as Senior HTML developer in MNC."
Nitesh JaiswalSenior HTML Developer

What our learning fest Includes for you to Master!

In ten weeks, indeed, you’ll be confident in the development of API, web pages and mobile media technology, and could communicate like a professional developer.

Ten Weeks Training Program. Five to ten hours per week.

Week 1

Get to know HTML/CSS

Introduction, Fundamentals, and Future Scope of HTML5

Browser Support, Tools used to code HTML5,

Features Detection, Legacy Browser Support

Structure web pages - HTML5 DOCTYPE, Page Encoding

Using HTML5 and CSS3 in web page development

Week 2

Elements & Attributes in HTML

Markup Elements - Elements & Attributes, how to use new attributes in html5, updated elements, and new structural elements

Input Types, Attributes of HTML5

HTML5 Form Validation, HTML5 need in web app development

Expressions and their multiple types

Week 3

Array & Sorting

Web Audio and Video state on Plugins

HTML5 Audio/Video Markup, Attributes vs. Methods

Compatibility with multiple browsers

Week 4

Canvas & SVG

A/V Events, Customizing Audio/Video Controls

Canvas Vs. SVG Accessibility, Working with Pixels

Using Path (Drawing Straight Lines, Circles and Arcs)

Week 5

Introduction to CMS

Discussing issues with current Cookie-based Model

About Web Storage and SQL Storage

API deployment & updates, Cache Events

Geo-location handling, Error handling, Communication APIs

Privacy Concerns, JS Execution Model, Browser Support HTML Messaging APIs concepts - Cross-document XML http Request, Progress Events

Week 6

Project & Training

Do what you've learnt by working on live project.

Get Feedback on the code written

One to One queries session.

Pricing INR17000INR25000 for Four Weeks Next course starts June 15th
  • 1 Projects
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 4 Skype Sessions
Limited availability!
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