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Course Overview

Gain skills how to develop interactive web pages and app using server-side resources in our class tailored to your needs. Learning would start from basics of JS code, continues to jQuery, and in between that you are welcomed with your queries.

  • You gain understanding of how to use animated slideshow, so you can build a great-looking gallery slideshow.
  • Get familiarity with the power, which JavaScript provides you with validate forms, cookies, timesaving functions, lightbox, and more.
  • With the support of trainer, you boost your skills required to have increased earning potential and challenge the world.
  • Work with an expert mentor who keeps an eye on your work/project, and shares written feedback. Each student will have an option to take four Skype sessions with his or her own mentor.

You end up this JavaScript training with foundational programming skill set you acquire, a portfolio, and a certificate you receive on completion of project.

Course for All JavaScript Willing Students

You will be able to challenge yourself with web development professionals’ intensive. This training program is intended to teach you each tricky and effective concept needed to know to be a champ in the popular scripting and programming language.

  • Student/Newbie

    Ready to give your career a new shape? Our training program led by experts is for you. They teach you how to write error-free JavaScript code, insert it to HTML pages, create dynamic web pages, execute it for multiple web/mobile browsers and server. Learning JavaScript has never been so easy hence; it starts with the basics and gradually moves on building code, functions, web pages, etc. with practical exercise. Your challenges and doubts are welcomed in between, and that will be tasked with writing code fits to the specific need in order to provide you satisfactory answer of the question(s).

  • New to jump into JavaScript World

    Are you already in development/design, and now planning to jump into JavaScript? Perfect choice. Take your career on top gear learning ins and outs of JS. With this course tailored to your needs, you get hands-on instructions to meet standards while working out with the code. We aim to transfer new set of skills and everything else you should know about this scripting language so that you can reach new heights.

  • Coordinator / Manager

    With an instructor with live experience of working with JavaScript, you are led through the learning standards, world of JavaScript, and common practices as professionals do. In general, this language also serves as a common gateway, thus, the concepts to master this complex but more feasible scripting language are important to learn to make tackling big projects simpler. You work on a live project to accomplish specific requirements that will give a transparent idea about the progress of learning.

What our past students have said

"I was wondering what to do after my graduation. Somebody told me about AIM-IT html training course. That was one of the best descision i have taken in my life. I am currently working as Senior HTML developer in MNC."
Nitesh JaiswalSenior HTML Developer

What You’ll Learn

Course outlined for eight weeks, five to ten hours a week.
JavaScript training program is made for all (beginner, experienced, and who are switching into now).
Attending course is the best thing to wireframe concepts, use animation effects on HTML pages, create cookies, develop client side programs, communicate on server, and build dynamic web pages as tech-savvy do.

Week 1

Introduction and Basic of Javascript

Introduction, External Files vs. Inline Code, Language Basics (Syntax, Variables, Operators, Data Types, Function, etc.)

Week 2

Javascript Method

Multiple Reference Types (Objects, Arrays, Date Types, Functions, Singleton Inbuilt Objects, RegExp Types, Primitive Wrapper)

Week 3

Introduction to OOP

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. OOPs execution like Object Creation, Inheritance, etc., Function Expressions (Private Variable, Recursion, Closures, & more)

Week 4

JavaScript HTML DOM

Working with DOM, HTML5, Styles, DOM changes, Element Traversal, Event Object & Event Handlers, Selectors API, Event Flow

Week 5

Scripting Form Basics

Scripting Form Basics, Adding Text Boxes, Select Boxes, Rich Text Editing, Serialization, WebGL, Debugging Techniques, Error Handling

Week 6

Different Browser Objects

Different Browser Objects (Navigation, Location, Screen, etc.), Using XML DOM and Xpath in Browsers

Week 7

Advanced JavaScript

Advanced JavaScript Functions, Custom Events, Timer, Tamper Proof Objects)

Week 8

Live Project

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  • 1 Projects
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 4 Skype Sessions
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