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Course Overview

Our training is designed for beginner to advanced users to take their skills to the next level. You learn everything about PHP inside and out needed to develop web applications. Your instructor combines lecture with practical coding examples to help you have solid grasp of concepts and know the power of technology

  • Learn the fundamentals of this language needed to master.

  • Work under the subject expert who came directly from the industry to teach you topics including basic SQL commands, database storage, Object oriented development, how to use CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Zend as your framework in web applications.

  • An expert mentor is assigned for you to give written feedback of your assignment, and he will also be available on Skype/Call for maximum 4 sessions.

You get certification on completion of the project, and also rewarded with an experience letter for industrial training on PHP language.

Want to have Prowess in PHP!

Yes, then you are at right place. This ultimate course is intended to offer for all (newcomer, intermediate and advanced). By the end of this course (after 8 weeks training), you will be confident to start / progress your career further with knowledge and skills obtained here with up-to-date industry standards

  • Novice

    Want to make coding your passion being a professional developer? Kickoff learning PHP as many popular websites currently builds with this technology. You’ll be taught with latest concepts and advanced coding methods with live coding examples to help you build web page/applications.

  • Product managers

    Possesses intermediate level expertise in PHP! Let’s improve it, know handy ways to use technology. In addition to this server-side scripting language, this program covers JavaScript, HTML and VB fundamental education needed to demonstrate proficiency and effective development work

  • Interested to Move to PHP

    Whether you are a designer or an experienced developer in other technology who recently planned to switch his/her career, our PHP certification course is made for you. In this course professional mentor teaches each possible function, method, variable, and concept you must have familiar with, to take your career one step up in the PHP development

What our past students have said

"I was working as in a very small company was not earning much. I always had a desire to move into IT sector but was not unaware from where to start.
AIM-IT helped me lot at all the stages from counselling to training to getting placed. I am still in touch with these guy as i want to go for another training program."
Ramesh KumarSenior PHP Developer

About PHP Training Program Components

This PHP course splits in two stack processes – one is front-end development and another is back-end development. You will be acquainted with both phases of this language along with responsive web page development fundamentals by doing, as required in this field to become a web developer.
Eight weeks. Five to ten hours per week.

Week 1

Get to know PHP

Introduction to PHP, Pros & Cons, Comparison with languages like Perl, Flash, JavaScript

Object Oriented development, Learning PHP code libraries and their use, MVC Pattern,

Error Handling, PHP variables, array, HTML forms

Week 2

Database & PHP functions

PHP’s utility functions, Strings and Dates, Return Values,

Variable Scope, Parameter by reference and by value, Connecting to Database

Basic MySQL functions, Inserting and updating data query

Week 3

Student work in this course

Object Oriented programming, example to use objects

PHP 4 vs. PHP 5, References vs. Values

Quoting, Printing, Searching Cleaning, and Manipulating Strings

Expressions and their multiple types

Week 4

Array & Sorting

Storing data in arrays, extracting values, traversing, identifying elements, Indexed & Associative Arrays

Sorting, difference between Variables and Arrays

Week 5

Classes & Objects

Creating Objects, defining a class

Accessing Methods and Properties, Serialization, Introspection

Using PHP Frameworks and CMS

Week 6

Introduction to CMS

Developing a CMS using PHP, Creating website in Joomla, Using WordPress and its themes

Installation and Administration of CMS - WordPress and Joomla

Learning to use Online Shopping Cart in web application using Session, Database, and Cookies

Learn about PHP based web app security

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  • 1 Projects
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 4 Skype Sessions
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