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Course Overview

A bespoke training program led by professionals is intended to teach you how to build a website or blogging using WordPress. It keeps you updated with trends, and gives you the best practice by doing. The course covers all ins and outs of this technology, including basic conceptual frameworks, how to guide to install, configure it for SEO, setting up an entire site, designing themes, comprehensive core values from ground up to advanced, publishing posts/images in WordPress CMS, etc.

  • In five weeks compelling course we share all information we have about WordPress, which could help you keep abreast with various ideas, concepts, and tricks required to build a website or blog.
  • For learning support, we also offer four Skype sessions that each student can take to get instant query resolution if sometimes they don’t attend class for any reason.
  • A dedicated mentor is assigned to you to supervise all your work and project. He is allowed to share your written feedback that would help us know how well you are learning and implementing in your own project.

You work on live project under your mentor guidance. Once, it’s completed successfully, you are given an industrial training certificate on WordPress.

Choose Source (like Aim-IT) that’s right for you

Specialists offer training not just to make you aware of the technology, but they lead you through, how to write code, how to structure, and how to use it in the API development, mobile media and web pages.

  • Beginner

    Have little or no knowledge of WordPress? No problem, your learning starts with fundamentals, and moves on installation, configuration, building website, web hosting, using plug-ins, designing themes, blogging, and advanced WordPress. If you are curious to learn all this hands-on material with the best practical exercise, do not have a second thought, and just enroll the course now. You can give your career a new high.

  • Lead/Project Manager

    Should you communicate great WordPress ideas with your team to improve the productivity of your team in all means? If yes, then the course is perfect for you. Discover vivid skills and expertise that are directly transferred from experts of this field, to help you uplift your company’s business bottom-line.

  • Switching Domain as WordPress in on Rise

    Planned to take step in WordPress, but tired of watching YouTube stuff? Join a training program designed for you where professionals came from the same field are your tutor. They discuss power, versatility, and user-friendliness of WordPress websites by doing in the class which would definitely leave you amazed. This knowledge transfer session includes everything you should know to become a high paid professional WordPress developer.

What our past students have said

"I was wondering what to do after my graduation. Somebody told me about AIM-IT html training course. That was one of the best descision i have taken in my life. I am currently working as Senior HTML developer in MNC."
Nitesh JaiswalSenior HTML Developer

What you’ll learn?

Five weeks course. Five to ten hours in a week.
After high quality training, you’ll be able to use WordPress the way it is used by veteran developers in the industry. You could communicate as professionals do, confidently wireframe themes, use useful Plug-ins, and design modern website or blog what you like.

Week 1

Introduction of Wordpress

Start with fundamentals – Introduction, installation and configuration of WordPress

Front-end development, knowledge transfer about themes, page areas, plug-ins, and posts

Week 2

Getting to know Plugins

Most useful WP plug-ins for Online shopping, managing directories, and booking system

Building SEO website or managing search engine for it, adding widgets, themes, and plug-ins in a website as needed

Week 3

Getting to know Theme

How to use a premium or free theme, updating a single theme from manifold themes available

Using HTML and CSS to customize themes, Widgets and their features

Week 4

Advance Wordpress

Advanced WordPress – using PHP, HTML or CSS to design a fully customized theme, applying self code of requirements, and doing alterations in functionality

WordPress CMS - Managing Articles, Polls and Feeds to view content and updates

Week 5

Live Project

Pricing INR17000INR25000 for Four Weeks Next course starts June 15th
  • 1 Projects
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 4 Skype Sessions
Limited availability!
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